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Societatea s-a dezvoltat costant, deschizand numai dupa  un an prim punct de lucru si devenind importator direct pentru consumabile stomatologice, dar mai ales pentru aparatura stomatologica: unituri, turbin, micromotoare de stomatologie dar si de tehnica dentara, lampi de fotopolimerizare, laser stomatologic, aparatura de laborator,  piese de mâna, scaun medic, piese cot, detartraje stomatologice, scaune stomatologice. Distributia si service-ul la aparatura medicala se face in toata tara. 
Ne-am bucura daca, prin aceasta scurta prezentare am reusit sa captam interesul dumneavoastra. Va   invitam sa parcurgeti paginile acestui site si speram ca daca inca nu sunteti, va veti afla curand pe lista  colaboratorilor nostri.

     O scurta prezentare: Galbiati

Galbiati este un producator italian de echipamente dentare profesionale de înalta calitate. Compania a   fost fondata în 1935, la Milano, si este cel mai vechi producator din tara de scaune stomatologice.

Echipamentele dentare sunt exportate în peste 30 de tari diferite din întreaga lume. Aceste locuri includ Europa, Asia si Orientul Mijlociu.

În ani 90 Galbiati, a extins capacitatea de productie pentru a include o gama larga de diferite echipamente stomatologice.

Galbiati produce produse de calitate care sunt bine construite si durabile. Au nevoie de interventii minime de service, sunt ergonomice si usor de folosit.

Compania investeste constant în noi produse, si 10% din forta de munca lor este axat pe cercetare si dezvoltare, si prototipuri, de noi tehnologii.

Cu peste 70 de ani de experienta în industria dentare, produse Galbiati sunt partenerii perfect pentru orice cabinet stomatologic modern.

O scurta prezentare: TPC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY inc.

TPC Advanced Tehnology  INC.  ofera cele mai inovatoare tehnologi si solutii care sunt create pentru a  imbunatati performanta, siguranta si confortul atat pentru medici cat  si pacienti

The target audience includes the practicing andacademic dermatologist who wishes to keep up-to-date on the most recentand exciting topics in his field. Divided into five parts, there are14 tretinoin focused topics that are well referenced and illustrated with concisecharts and tables and good black-and-white photographs. This bookclearly succeeds in providing, in a concise manner, new and excitingadvances in a broad category of dermatologic topics. Despite the fact that cancer remains the nation's second-leading cause of death, researchers have made staggering advances in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of the disease, especially with help from the rapidly growing field of genomics. Advanced practice nurses play critical roles in cancer prevention and detection, as well as in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of new ways to care for adults with cancer. Clinical Nurse Specialists work in leadership positions in clinical practice (adult cancer control or acute and chronic oncology care), case management, research, and education. Settings include outpatient offices and clinics, hospitals, homecare agencies, and hospice. Cancer prevention and disease management are not simply a matter of understanding individual biology. Psychological concerns that contribute to health habits, as well as the patient's home life, community, and physical environment all play a role. In the setting of acute head injury, give priority to the immediate assessment and stabilization of the airway and circulation. Despite the fact that prehospital intubation has become common, at least one study has reported a higher rate of mortality in patients intubated in the field than in those intubated in the hospital setting. In this study, however, more critically ill patients required in-field intubation. If the intracranial pressure rises above 20-25 mm Hg, intravenous mannitol, CSF drainage, and hyperventilation can be used. Hypertonic saline has also been used in lieu of mannitol to lower intracranial pressure, but more definitive studies are needed. Another approach used by some clinicians is to focus primarily on improving cerebral perfusion pressure as opposed to intracranial pressure in isolation. The homogenized extract is then filtered to remove the interstitial fibers. The homogenized and filtered extract may then be treated in the identical manner as the residual matrix sub-porion, referred to immediately above, to separate and isolate acemannan. An additional alternate and preferred process for separating and isolating acemannan includes the following steps. I never felt I was risking this unvaccinated baby's life, because I "believed" the saving factor in the "back to bed program" COULD indicate someone knew that seizures after vaccines could cause smothering. I suggest all vaccinated babies be put on their backs for this reason. It WOULD be interesting to find out if the amydgala plays a part in sids. She drove him from the doctors office to the hospital at the doctors orders while he was having a stroke.. Chinese Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 190. Chinese Journal of Cancer 191. Chinese Journal of Biochemical Pharmaceutics 192. Chinese Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases 193. Recent Advances in Ophthalmology 194. Journal of Medical Informatics 195. One area of recent development in studies of immune phenotyping is the contrast between cells of the immune system at rest and following activation. This simply involves comparing these cells at rest and following ligand-induced activation and measuring signaling system activation (phosphoepitope identification) or intracellular cytokine production or activation-induced gene expression. Preliminary data using these techniques have begun to identify signatures of disease (biomarkers) that are only seen when using these activation-induced assays. Another new technology to analyze soluble proteins, bead-based immunoassays, can simultaneously measure up to 75 soluble pain medication online without prescription analytes in a multiplexed array. Other technologies provide similar innovations in terms of analytical content, throughput, and miniaturization. A systematic and critical review of empirical studies. Social Science and Medicine, 52, 985 - 998. Recall bias,pain, depression and cost in back pain patients. British Journal of Psychology, 40, 143 - 156..
TPC Advanced Tehnology  INC. este o companie Americana cu sediul in Los Angeles – California. 

Uniturile din gama Mirage sunt fiabile, avand un raport calitate/pret foarte bun. Toate produsele acestei   companii au certificate de conformitate CE